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Scumbag The opening title track has a fantastic sludge/post-metal hybrid sound that totally sucked me in and I knew I was in for a treat! Suddenly the vocals kicked in during the second track and it startled me a little. Not in a bad way at all, for some reason I just wasn't expecting the death/black metal growls. However they work so well, somehow managing to contrast and yet blend with the music simultaneously and the overall effect is mind-blowingly awesome!! Set your brain on fire with this one! Favorite track: Consciousness Surrendered.
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ProgHog231 Cool mixture of sludge/doom with black metal vocals. Favorite track: Perennial.
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"Introspection is a truly spellbinding release from start to finish. And one that I have been listening to on a regular basis for the last couple of weeks or so."


released August 23, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue Studio, Columbia SC

Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios, Winston-Salem NC



all rights reserved


Interpreter Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: Consciousness Surrendered
Plummeting into infinite darkness
Blinded, deafened and numb
My shrieks reverberate in my soul as
The depths swallow me whole
Entering the realm of the musing serpent
Awakened by my fall
Its fangs enclose around my neck
Burning venom replaces my blood
Conquering my veins it boils then freezes
Effusing out every pore
Body pierced with entropy
I wail a dehumanized wail

My sanity abandoned
And soul depleted
The venom reaches my heart

My sanity abandons me
The venom poisons my heart

A footing gained I begin to flee
Whispers and cackles chasing me
The entity pursuing my soul
Shackles my limbs to the ground
I turn and gaze into its eyes
Spheres of emptiness
Fleeing from this entity
Brings me closer to

Physical destruction imminent
Psychological breakdown evident

The darkness engulfs me again
Deeper and deeper I descend
I grind my teeth for this hellish dimension of consciousness
Refuses to end
Eyes open wide

Physical destruction imminent
Psychological breakdown evident
Spiritual abandonment permanent
My consciousness loses control

A vacuum of space surrounding
The silence is drowning
No escaping through the shadows

No perception of time
Or air to inhale
An eternity passes as
The being pursues on

A symphony of bloodcurdling screams
Greets my innocent ears
Entering a voided reality
Distorted senses constrained (regained, ii)
Memories flooding my brain
Unimaginable agony

All else fades away
Track Name: Deception of Perception
This recollection
My last connection
Is this deception?
Or true perception?

A true perception

Once a blessing is now my curse
Eternal severance can’t get much worse
Seeking out what was hopeless to find
Fell from heaven; entered the sky
How shall I remember?
The primal December

Was it the first breath of life?
Or the final breath of death?
Was it divine conception?
Or just an ignorant human’s plight

How shall I?

Killing every desire
Tell me how is that higher
Than reclaiming a death in life
How is that a wretched blight?

The deception of perception

How shall I remember?
The primal December

A true perception
Track Name: Perennial
Throughout the course of one’s existence there are a range of experiences, from the birth of childlike innocence onward, which culminate to form the person who appears before you in the mirror. Life can be understood as an oscillation between periods of extremes – times of pleasure, times of conflict, times of sorrow, or times of apathy. The transition from one phase of life to another often arrives unexpectedly – moments that disrupt or divert your course, resulting in overwhelming joy or deep-seated misery. The memories of these experiences define how we perceive future experiences – it is how we interpret the messages sent to us through the cruelty of circumstance, the imperfections of society, and the severance of union with those we hold close that determine how we understand and engage life. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we seek out the truth behind these messages – that regardless of the way the world tells us to perceive things we look beyond or underneath or around that so that true understanding can filter in. There is one truth – it is clouded by perception. So I urge you brothers, sisters, to not settle for a mediocre existence but rather, to remember.
Track Name: Source of Misery

From birth we are searching
To fulfill the void within

Absence of meaning
In the presence of pain
The questing for purpose
Perennial Misery

Solitude has found
A home in me
These shackles
Are crippling

In a sea of confusion
Indifference reigns
In a mass of pollution
The only comfort is pain

These lies that we believe
We sever ties
Rather than perceive
The truth in the feeling
Limiting the understanding of redeemed

Parasitically feeding off jealousy
It grows within me with
Peace withdrawn anguish injected
By sin corrupted; this flesh infection
In a place filled with rejection
Tribulation becoming your identity
The ever-present misery

Absence of meaning
In the presence of pain
The questing for purpose

This suffering
Separating what’s intended to be
This misery
Severing what was you from me

In a sea of confusion
Indifference reigns
In a mass of pollution
The only comfort is pain

The perennial source of misery
I feel inside

Giving in to temptation
Allowing sin filter in
Losing rational judgment
Letting misery win
Track Name: Convergence
I reach the heart of the darkness
A mirrored image is all i see
Not a reflection; no, an empty glare
Familiar spheres meet my stare
Everything that rises must converge

All light extinguished and hope erased
He rises above my frailty
Into my ears he whispers,

You who fight with monsters
Don't you know what dwells within
I am prince over your soul
I am your true self
Monstrosity in the flesh
I have dominion over your soul

My soul